Wednesday, June 29, 2016

178. What's Going On? (Part 2)

What else?
As always, the joy of my week is the Men in Blazers. I’ve listened to them every week they have been on since the summer of 2014. I recently watched their Euro postgame wrap up show on Monday. It was after the big England loss to Iceland. They were hilarious. Two self-loathing (well, Rog more than Davo) Englishman who have just enough hope and joy in their lives to keep it going.

The wrap up show featured lots of salami (Volpi food products) and some sort of Icelandic spirit. Oh how I wish I could have been there. Those two men are great people.

Then I learned today that AFC Bournemouth is coming to Minnesota to play Minnesota United. That’s going to be fun. Bournemouth is one of the more inspiring stories of English football. They have a young squad and they picked themselves up from the lowest ranks of English football to make it to the top flight. I can’t wait to go see them. Also, their nickname is the Cherries. Up the Cherries! (As Rodg would say.)

How have your lunches been this week?
I’ll admit, not great. I have a lot of salads and my previously mentioned salad dressing problem still exists. I had a turkey sandwich today with some of that Leiscester cheese. That cheese is fantastic. It’s got red pepper flakes in it. I used it all up though.

Side note, I should have the same problem with my cheese as I do with my dressing. Two of the blocks of cheese I bought were all moldy and stuff. Not great. I sliced off the green spots, but there wasn’t much left. Maybe I should be more careful with my cheese consumption.

I haven’t been eating out for lunch as much lately because I want to save some money. I love finding good turkey sandwiches, but I’ve got a lot of food at home and I feel like the effort it takes to put something together is worth more than wandering around the skyway come lunch time. I would like to hit up some more food trucks though.

Anything else?
OH, JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING THAT’S BEEN MAKING ME UPSET. Lately, in the legal world, there’s been a lot of chatter about a New York Big Law firm Cravath, Swaine & Moore raising first-year associate salaries to $180,000. It’s been the front page coverage for the website Above the Law for basically the whole month. The whole chit chat has been, “Is your firm going to match Cravath?” They’ve posted angry comments from associates of firms who haven’t matched Cravath.

I get it that law school is expensive and that lawyers work really friggin hard. I admire a lot of the members of the HCBA for their dedication to their job and the community. But I’m glad I’m not mixed up in all that politics. Yeah, I’d love that sort of money, but all imagery and “keeping up with the Joneses” in the legal world makes me want to puke. Bah Humbug.  

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