Saturday, June 25, 2016

173. Things I've enjoyed

I am behind with my blog posts, so here are a few things I have enjoyed as of late…

The White Album by Weezer: Full disclosure, I only really got into Weezer this past year. I’m not one of those fans who things they have sucked since Maladroit. I’ve heard their hits, but not very many deep cuts. I like their sound. Rivers Como (the lead singer) seems like a cool guy and I like their nerd-rock sort of vibe. I downloaded some of their stuff on my Amazon Prime account (for running purposes.) And I found that I really liked it. It energized me. I especially liked the song “Photograph.”

I was eager to listen to their new album after a recommendation on one of my favorite podcasts, Pop Culture Happy Hour. I had heard a few of their singles on the radio. I downloaded a few more songs this weekend. It’s got a nice low-key rock, joyfully melancholy sound. If you could bottle that feeling after a rainstorm, that would be this record. It’s calm, refreshing, and energizing. I like music that’s hopefully and happy, but also has a touch of sadness to it. I can relate to that.

Orange is the New Black: Season 4: I’m kind of losing momentum with the West Wing. I still love that show and thought I might be able to make it through every season, but I don’t think that’s going to happen now. OITB released its newest season a few weeks ago and I’d been eager to check it out. It’s a show that’s pretty easy to get into and it’s got a lot of intriguing characters. I’ve jumped back into it pretty quickly.

It also tackles the issues surrounding prisons, specifically private prisons. There’s one scene where some of the administrators are at a prison conference. There’s a trade show with all the latest gadgets designed to inflict punishment, cut costs, or just keep the bottom line at the expense of inmates comfort. It kind of disgusted me seeing people laugh and not quite realize the expanse of what private prisons do. Private prisons freak me out. This season of OITNB just affirms that. (I realize it’s a show, but the show mirrors this expose pretty well.)

Trader Joe’s Ghost Pepper Potato Chips: This are very good. They are lattice cut potato chips that actually have some good spicy flavor to them. I’ve eaten pretty much a whole bag of them in the last day. I probably shouldn’t have. I’m usually skeptical of potato chip flavors. I don’t like lays. They taste like crunchy wax paper. Most of the Lay's flavors are weird too (Lays BBQ is highly overrated.) These are extremely good though, good crunch, good bite.

Leeks: A very underrated vegetable. I made one of my favorite recipes, Prosciutto and Leek pasta, on Friday night. It’s got a great greasy, salty, and savory taste. I subbed in Pancetta and a parmesan-romano mix in exchange for the cheese they usually use. I’d highly recommend the recipie.

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