Thursday, June 2, 2016

150. Lunch

The breakfast lobby has it all wrong. Big dairy, big egg, big coffee, and big cereal want you to think that breakfast is the most important meal of the day (it is delicious, I’m not going to deny that), but it’s not, lunch is where it’s at.

I love coffee and I love a good, big breakfast, but who has time to do that in the morning? Lunch is where you make up that time. I have an axiom that I live by: always look forward to lunch. Lunch is one of the few times during the day where you can actively create something that you are looking forward to. You can either go out for lunch, or you can make it yourself at home and add some really great stuff to it. (I personally look forward to my cracked black pepper and olive oil triscuits, as well as some kick-ass sandwiches.)

Also, if you eat a good breakfast, that’s great, but the feeling is fleeting. That feeling wears off after a few hours, whereas a good lunch can carry you through the rest of the day. If you don’t have a breakfast, you can make it up at lunch with more food. That can carry you through. Dinner is a fine enough meal, but it takes a lot of work, and you have dishes. It also feels like you have to plan dinner way ahead. You do have to plan lunch, but I feel like the ingredients are so much more manageable. And you can have chips.

School lunch was pretty much the best time of the day. You had a break. You ate pizza. You got chocolate milk and talked about girls with your friends. It was something you needed, so you didn’t go crazy over the course of the day. Adults don’t really think like that. Lunches are for working through. Lunches are to be eaten at your desk. You’re not supposed to enjoy your lunch. You’re just supposed to get it over with.

I’ll admit, I’m not the best with that either. I usually eat lunch at my desk and then go for a walk over my official lunch hour. That’s probably not healthy, but I need to walk around over the course of my day, otherwise I get crabby.

I’ve already discussed in a previous blog post why sandwiches are the best lunch food, but salads are not bad either. I’ll give a distant third to burritos. They’re delicious, but they can put you in a food coma, and that can be dangerous. Food comas can ruin days. (Don’t ever get Pizza Hut for lunch. I did that once at a previous job and we all nearly fell asleep in the afternoon. It was not a previous site.

I probably spend at least 45% of my mornings thinking about lunch. It makes me so happy when I have a good one to look forward to. Bad ones just make me upset.  Always have something to look forward to. It’s pretty easy to do that with lunch. I’d highly recommend a sandwich.

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