Thursday, June 9, 2016

158. Champions

Lately, I have been trying to plan out my runs. I’ve been trying to set goals and go a certain distance. Usually I’ve been running between 3.5 and 3.2 miles, but I’ve been able to crank out some four milers, as well as a 7.5 one. I think I’ve been able to do that because I’ve been telling myself that, I’m going to do four miles. 

Last week, when I ripped off that seven miler, I almost shut it down after three, but I felt great and I wanted to continue to feel great because I knew I’d be stressed out from painting later that afternoon. I did it, even if I did stop a few times before I eventually made it. It felt really good. 

I lose focus on things. Right around 20 minutes, my mind starts to drift and wonder about all the other things I should be doing: housework, chores, making dinner. I forget about my legs and I turn in to the nearest route home. Even though I did get my workout in for the day, I’m not always satisfied. (I’m doing the same thing now, trying to make it to 500 words on this post. This is my fourth one in the last two hours and I kind of want to go back to my normal seat on the train, but I’ve been telling myself that I’m going finish this post before I accomplish anything else.) 

I wondered about this same thing when i watched the French Open Final on Sunday morning. Novak Djokovic was losing to Andy Murray after the first set. He came back to win the next four and take the championship. It was a career grand slam for him. I was impressed. I don’t think I could have kept my focus on that pressured of a stage. But he did, and he won the tournament. 

There’s got to be something about elite athletes and performers that allows them to be impervious to distractions and mistakes while performing their craft. I respect them for that. 

Maybe I should think like that in more things: writing, doing chores, cleaning, work. Just stuff like that. I’ve noticed that I get distracted more easily these days, especially since distractions are a dime a dozen when you work at a computer for the day. You always have to check your tweets or your Facebook page or just whatever random piece of content detritus you find on the inter webs that leads you down  black hole of CONTENT.

I just need to focus more often. Take a deep breathe, and tell yourself to just get things done. I don’t think it’s worth it to try and do a bunch of things at once. Just focus on the task ahead and do your thing. I think that’s the way important things get done around here. 

Ok, we’ve finally crossed into Minnesota, across the Mississippi River. One guy is excited about the fact that he has been able to cross another state off his list. Another dude with a goatee, two earrings, a backwards black fitted hat, a silver chain, heavy arm tats, and an American flag t-shirt, is going to town on some prepared meal boxes from the snack bar. A mom and son are sitting in the booth across from me. The son is coloring and the mom is on her phone. The woman behind me is a talker. I am now getting really tired. 

Well, I’ve powered through this blog post. #Focus. 

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