Thursday, June 23, 2016

169. Today

I have been pretty anxious the entire day. It felt like a lot of big things all happening at once. There is the Brexit vote, the NBA draft, some big Supreme Court rulings, residual anger from an idiotic newspaper columnist, and of course, stupid crap from Donald Trump campaign. (Where former campaign manager is hired by CNN, but can’t criticize Trump? WTF.)

From what I’ve read about the Brexit vote, a leave would be bad for the United States. We’d lose a crucial ally in European votes, and based on the markets, it’s not going to be pretty. There was a poll conducted that the vast majority of people who voted against it were older, much older. The poll also noted the average time the person had to live with the decision, sixteen years. Whereas young people had to live with this for about six decades. That frustrates me. People who are much older are making decisions, but they won’t see the reverberations.

I couldn’t even think about the draft tonight. I just wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t study much up on it and I didn’t really care. It was nice that for the first time a Wolves pick wasn’t going to make or break the franchise. Yet, this afternoon I heard rumblings that the Wolves were shopping my favorite player, Ricky Rubio. I love Ricky. I first read about him about eight years ago, before the draft. A young Spanish kid who passed like Pete Mavrich. Even though his jump shot was tough to watch, I loved his attitude. He brought a positive energy to the court and he played with joy. Joy is not a word you use to describe basketball players. I’ve tried to distance myself from the emotional aspects of sports, but I have a soft spot for Ricky. As I am typing this, he hasn’t been traded, but I’m still anxious.

I’ve been feeling anxious a lot lately. I’m not sure what it is. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been running. My knee is still hurting a little bit, so I thought it best not to try to run. I’ve been walking a lot and doing yoga, but I’ve still been on edge a lot. And I’ve been spending more than I should lately, so of it of my own choosing, some of it unexpected. My attention span is also not what it used to be. Most of the time I can only make it through about half of an article before my eyes start to wonder. This writing, which should take 15-20 minutes, sometimes takes a lot longer because I’m flipping through tabs on my page. And it’s usually stuff that doesn’t even matter. Woof.

But I saw my friend’s kid today. He’s only a few weeks old. He was sleeping when I came in to drop some stuff off at their house. I’m glad he hasn’t had to deal with any of life’s anxieties just yet.

Later, I made stir fry with the veggies I got from my CSA share. It wasn’t half bad. So, I’ve got that going for me.  

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