Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 Hansen Christmas Letter


2013 may well be called our “sail away” year! 3 cruises in 12 months. Along with sails come plenty of tales and hundreds of pictures. In Jan., Kathy and I and 26 of our closest friends set sail out of San Juan for the sun and sand of the Southern Caribbean. Nice Jan. escape. In May, we headed to Alaska’s Inside Passage. We went with a couple from our college days and met up with another River Falls graduate school couple in Juneau. We had not been together for over 20 years! Great time, friends, and travel scenery. We went to Budapest in Nov. with Kathy’s sister and brother-in-law and our travel buddies, Jay and Sue. We cruised down the Danube, stopping in places like Vienna for a concert, and Nuremburg, Germany for their famous Christmas Market. Xmas on steroids! As 2014 approaches what else but we have plans to set sail out of Italy, this time with only 12 of our closest friends! Blessings and good health in 2014. -Rick

It’s really snowing, maybe three more inches this morning to add to the 8-10 inches we have. Temp is 5 degrees here in Wyoming. One of those Christmas card days…and I am thinking about the great Christmas productions we have seen so far: The Andrews Sisters’ swing songs at the History Theater, Black Nativity concert at Penumbra, Nick’s friend Andrew Walesch’s big band… The lovely Christkindlmarkts in Germany that open with Advent began this blessed season for us. And…Nick will be home today, and Chris is already planning what movies we will watch together as a family!
Our prayer: May you know His Nearness in your hearts,
in your home, in your midst…

The year 2013 was the first year of my life where I have felt like an adult, a responsible, yet terrified adult. In February, I was evicted from my place of residence due to fire code violations by my landlord. I was in the scariest situation of my life near the finish line of the Boston Marathon the day of the bombings. (Check out my story here.) And I completed my Master’s Degree in Journalism from Boston University.
The year was not all scary. I became heavily involved in the comedy scene in Boston. I work at an Improv Theater in Cambridge and I’ve started performing stand-up comedy pretty regularly. I also hosted a sports talk radio show with some friends over the summer. And I got to see what a city looks like after a major championship win after the Red Sox won the World Series.
I really like Boston and I’ve decided to stick around there for now. More adventures ahead in 2014.

2013 I have worked and started my new job at the bank in Hugo, MN. I clean the bank five days a week. It has been going okay so far.
I started playing Bocce ball every Wednesday night with my Dad at Vannelli’s by the Lake in Forest Lake, MN. I’m glad I joined the league because I have a lot of fun.
Wishing you all Happy Holidays and a great New Year!
PS I recommend the remake of The Sound of Music with Carrie Underwood.