Friday, July 1, 2016

179. 2016 - So far

Wow. June is over. Do you ever have those moments where you think ahead in time and say to yourself, “Wow, that’s really far off?” And then that moment in time comes and you think to yourself again, “Wow, that came by really quickly.” That’s what this whole year has been like lately. Let’s reflect on some things so far.

1. I’m happy with who I am. By nature, I am a people pleaser. I like to make other people happy and tend to their needs. That’s just who I am. I’ve slowed down on that front a little bit. I’ve been trying to take care of myself first. Don’t worry, I haven’t become more of an asshole. I’ve just made sure to put on my own safety mask first. For example, I know I can go for a run before I head to a friend’s place. I have the time to do that. My health is important to me and it makes me happy to be exercise and be active.

2. I haven’t read as much as I would have liked. Meaning, I haven’t read as many books as I would have liked. I think the number of books I’ve read in the past few years has precipitously dropped. Those have been replaced by the newspaper, podcasts, and general online consumption of content. I don’t think that’s a 100 percent bad thing, but it’s different from the days when I would just consume a book rapidly. I’d like to use some of my summer for that.

3. Being OK is OK. Sometimes I like to crap on the status quo of my life. I whine that my love life has been less than stellar. I get anxious when I hear friends casually discuss their salary. I am envious of their plans for future things. When you compare yourself to others, things get a little dicey. But then I take away those things and I realize that I’m ok. I’ve seen some good concerts this year (Paul McCartney and Rock the Garden.) I’ve watched a lot of soccer. I’ve been pretty good about going out for a run. I have friends who are successful and happy. I have my own place that I am (slowly) redoing. I would imagine that I am viewed positively by my friends and family. And, I’ve been pretty healthy and able to enjoy things.

So here’s 2016 in a nutshell (so far): I think I’m slightly calmer. I’ve realized that most things that happen aren’t life-changing ones. I’ve been more comfortable with leaving some people out of my life and letting other people in. I’m still terrified of buying things. I’m analytical and able to think critically in some ways, but still irrational in others. I still enjoy superhero movies. I only can listen to public radio, but podcasts are great. I like my job. I try to get out of the house every once in awhile, but I’ve also found value in staying in and working on projects.

I may not be #LivingMyBestLife but I’m living a pretty good life. That’s underrated.

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