Wednesday, July 27, 2016

209. More Breaths

I need to catch my breath. I’ve tried to quit Facebook and Twitter for the week. While I haven’t totally quit, I’ve managed to drastically reduce my time on either site. I probably check(ed) the sites about 30 times a day at least. That’s down to less than five. And those times have been short spurts, no mindless scrolling.

I’m not going to pretend that I’m holier than thou. (I think it would have felt like that had I posted something on Facebook that I was quitting the service and anyone who needs to reach me can email or text.) I feel like those who really need to get in touch with me, know how to get in touch with me. Because 99.999 percent of stuff on Facebook does not matter. It’s just noise. I’ll admit that. I think people like reading my blog posts occasionally, but that’s about it. I don’t remember all the things i liked today. I don’t even really like a lot of them. Many times it’s just a way to validate someone. You want to be a part of that validating. (I mean, seeing pics of weddings/family/etc. Is nice, but most of the time I’m only interested in them if I am in them.)

And it’s just gotten so depressing about the election, especially in the last few weeks. People are writing screeds about how either Trump voters or stupid, or how we need to save our country from Trump, or that they personally will be SO APPALLED if Trump wins. I get it. I am with (most) of my Facebook friends on this one…. But does those rants really matter? Are they just a way for us to feel like we’ve done our part? It feels hollow. I’m not saying it’s nothing, it’s just exhausting to read them every day.

While I have complained about social media before, I always feel like the best solution to any social media complaint is just to log off. (Note: this is probably different for most women. I don’t want to go there right now.) If you’re just complaining about the content of political posts, engagement photos, or people posting vacation photos in places where you are not, just step away for a while. It’s not worth it to work yourself up over things that are out of your control at that very moment.

I unfollowed a lot of people who keep posting articles with long, passionate explanations about how everyone needs to read this. (Note: I have done this.) Or people who quote tweets of people insulting them. Or people who complain about Facebook, on Facebook.

The last few days have been a nice reminder of everything that is not the election, or social media. I finished a book and am well on my way to finishing another one. I cleaned my room and set some things up in my apartment. I had a nice date where we talked about lots of things. Life is pretty ok in Nick world right now.

Remember to step away for a little bit. It’s worth it.

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