Wednesday, July 6, 2016

184. Roommates

I have to get a roommate. I am terrified to have a roommate again. I have lived with someone for most of my adult life. It wasn’t until I got my own place that I started to enjoy the freedom of living by myself. The things people say about the loneliness and the boredom haven’t quite hit me yet. I kind of like it because it forces me to go outside. I really don’t feel it much during the week because I go to work, work out, cook dinner, and then read or watch Netflix till bedtime.

I do feel it on the weekends. There are some days when I’d rather just stay inside all day, but I know I’ll feel like crap if I don’t get out. Those are the days when I suppose I’d rather have a roommate to at least make plans with.

The good thing is that I get to control the situation. I like setting the parameters of who gets to live at my property. I feel like I have a lot more freedom than I did in Boston. Every place I lived feels like the shotgun wedding equivalent of a place to live. You have to take something as soon as you find it. There is no turning back.

But I’m at a place where I kind of need to have a roommate. That’s kind of the whole reason I got a two bedroom place. The place could still use a little bit more work done, but it’s livable and few extra hundred bucks every month would help my bank account cushion quite a bit.

What am I looking for in a roommate? Well, I’m probably not looking for a drinking buddy. Really, probably just someone relatively quiet who enjoys the same things I do. I really don’t like messes or drama or any stuff like that.

The turns we take in life can sometimes be so weird. I guess I expected myself to be in the position of my own piece of property at some point, but it still feels weird now that it’s here. I’m sort of dragging my feet with it and not really excited about it. This means rules, and regulations, roommate agreements, and other stuff like that. Ugh. Not really excited.

On the other hand, I could finally furnish the apartment the way I want to. I might be able to get a televison and get some cable. That would be nice to do that instead of watching on a screen.

I really just hope it doesn’t turn into a situation like the last place in Boston. One of my roomates just stopped paying rent and me and my other roommate didn’t even know about that. Looking back on it, the landlord kind of sucked and he didn’t really keep it up very well. I’d rather not have that happen. I guess that’s up to me then.

I’m getting the living room painted on Friday. I’m excited to finally get that done. It’s starting to feel like a real home in here.

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