Friday, July 8, 2016

185. Internet and Book Shelves

I haven’t unpacked my books in years. I feel so bad for them. One of my dreams is to have my very own bookshelf, where I can put my books for all the world to see. I look at bookshelves as a way into a person’s soul. What sorts of things do you read? What do you value? How do you escape? What sorts of things do you value in life? Or at least in your reading life?

I get that you can lie with your bookshelf. Maybe you haven’t read everything on there (but who really has?). Maybe you’re just buying things to impress people. For some reason, I doubt that. Even though I’m guessing Jane Austen is great and I probably should read her books, I’m probably not going to buy them. Books are for an investment and I believe that you rarely spend money on those sorts of things that you do not believe in. I believe in books.

I finally set up the bookshelf today after it sat on my living room floor for a few momnths. I got my living room painted (by a professional!) so it felt like it was ready to set up in front of the room. It took me about an hour to do. I kind of wish I had done it sooner. My room feels slightly more like a place to live in now.

I also got some other good news today. I finally can get modern, fast internet in my household. And for free! I made a choice this morning that I’d be a little bit friendlier. I’m not a naturally standoffish person, but I thought I’d try a little harder today. There’s another gentleman at the bus stop who I see regularly. We had a few minutes before the bus came so I thought I’d break the ice.

I asked, “This is sort of random, but what type of internet do you use?” He proceeded to tell me that he is in the process of switching over to Comcast because we now get it for free with our association dues. My mind flashed back to a letter I had gotten in the mail a few weeks ago from my association about Comcast service. Stupidly, I didn’t pay much attention to it. He told me all about it. I believed him because he was formerly on the condo board, so I’m guessing he knew what was up.

I looked at it again later and called the number. Within 15 minutes, I was set to go and the equipment would be getting to my place soon. And the internet speed would be 75mbps! Woot. I haven’t gotten to know very many of my neighbors, but I’m glad I finally decided to break the ice.

I sometimes get pretty lazy. I get content with how things are and not what they could be. I’m glad I finally decided to change one small thing today. It led me to some good results. Hopefully, that’s a sign that things can get better overall.

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