Wednesday, January 6, 2016

6. Sandwiches

As a second grader, I answered pizza whenever someone asked me my favorite food. Soon, it was steak or ribs because barbecued meat was what all the cool kids liked at school. It changed every so often during college, depending on what was good at the refectory.

But now I can say with confidence that my favorite food is a sandwich. Specifically, a turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato, onions, cheese, peppers, and mayo on good, thick bread. I don’t know exactly when the change hit, but I think it was in grad school.

I lost a lot of patience in grad school. I got busier and wanted to get things done more quickly. That made for less time to do much of anything, namely eating. And sandwiches were cheap and quick ways to get your meal on. There was a Subway next to the College of Communication and I know more than one cheap grad student ate there on a regular basis. (It was tax free for students, so five bucks straight up could get you a foot long.)

The first instance (I believe) of me talking sandwiches on social media was on December 17, 2012. I posted, "Ehhhhaheuhhe..." That's the sound of our hero whimpering as he turns in his final assignment if the semester. Now for a victory sandwich.”

I got said victory sandwich at a deli near Boston College. (This is where my reporter sense kicks in. I looked up what the name of the place was and it said Flat Breads Cafe, which specializes in “rolled sandwiches.” I don’t remember the sandwich being rolled. In fact I have HUGE problems with wraps that refer to themselves as sandwiches. But whatever, it was a good sandwich.)

A few months later a friend of mine introduced me to Marlboro Market. It was a combination sandwich counter and liquor store. And it was fantastic. The meat tasted just right. The bread was always solid and the veggies didn’t taste like someone had stepped on them. I got a sandwich there fairly regularly. I went there on my birthday one year and I told the person at the counter that a sandwich was all I wanted for my birthday, she thought I was crazy. I ate that sandwich during a matinee showing of “American Hustle.” (I didn’t have a full-time job at the time.)

The sandwiches in Marshall were pretty subpar. (Sorry, but it’s true.) I made a lot of sandwiches at home. I remember that I celebrated my new job with some pretty bomb sandwich fixings: roast beef, fresh bread, fresh cheese, tomatoes and pickled peppers. 

I realized that it’s probably a really good thing that I am so easy please. I’m a pretty cheap date. So I think sandwiches just fit in with me. I like things simple. I like that you can eat sandwiches just about anywhere. You can go buy a nice one, or take it on a picnic. I’m impatient at times, but I’m always willing to slow down and eat a sandwich.

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