Monday, January 25, 2016

25. Sandwiches are the ideal lunch food

Ever since I left college, I’ve been a working stiff that packs his own lunch (most of the time.) I strongly believe that lunch is the best meal of the day, so you might as well have the optimal meal for that time.

Here are all the reasons why you should have a sandwich for lunch.

There is no warming needed. My first job after college was with the Maryland Conservation Corps. There were six of us who did manual labor most days. We built trails, chainsawed trees, dug holes, and other things like that. We would get hungry by lunch time. And in order to avoid hangry levels, you’d want to eat right away.

We’d only get about 30-40 minutes for lunch. And if everyone of us had something to reheat in the microwave, there’s a good chance you’d be waiting for the microwave for half of your brake. And then you think people are done, but then they take their stew or whatever, stir it around, and then put it back in for four minutes. And then the other guy is on level 12 hangry, wanting his leftover spare ribs, so you take out your chili after two minutes when it’s lukewarm to avoid getting smacked in the face. And then you just suffer through it because it isn’t worth the trouble. Ain't nobody got time for the microwave!

Or else you way overheat it and you spend the rest of the afternoon with sandpaper tongue. And how clean is your office microwave anyway? It probably hasn’t been wiped out since the Carter administration. I’d rather not catch whatever super virus is living on that glass plate thank you very much.

Also, if you’re like me you probably don’t want to inhale whatever garlic chutney fish casserole your officemate heated up in the microwave. Seriously, I really don’t want to know what my office workers are eating for lunch via inhalation.

And if you have some sort of soup or salad crap, you’re going to have to do dishes. Who wants to do dishes at work? I have enough problems with them at home.

I know sandwiches take some effort to prepare. It is usually easier to grab whatever is in the refrigerator and just go with it. However, whatever work you put in the night before, you can enjoy the dividends with a full lunch break and not fitfully wait for the microwave to be free.

Sandwiches are convenient. Who really likes being chained to the depressing work break room sipping some soup that’s about as warm as your pillow? Theoretically, you could walk around with your sandwich or eat it outside with only few adjustments.

They are (somewhat) healthy. You can really have boatload of combinations here. Even though (as you know) I am prone to getting turkey, you can really go to town with some good cold cuts. And it’s a good way to get your veggies. Salads make you look conceited. Throw some of that lettuce with tomatoes and onions and you’re good to go.

Lunch is the best meal of the day, don't let the microwave ruin it.

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