Wednesday, January 20, 2016

20. Nick's Notes

I just ate about 15 delicious homemade dumplings (made by Mama Hansen), drank two glasses of wine, and ate a fancy chocolate that I got for my birthday, so I'm a little stretched for ideas and wanting to just sit on the couch and digest things. I always liked writing columns where I dumped out all of the cool observations I'd seen over the past few weeks into one column, so if you'll allow me, I'm going to continue that here.

- I find that I read more of the New York Times now that I have a Sunday subscription. I don't read every article, but I try to get to everything in the front section at the very least. That usually takes two to three hours. My guilty pleasure is now the "Vows" column. Go ahead, judge me.

- I had lunch with a high school friend today, Nick Meiers. He's a really great guy. It was nice to catch up a little bit after 10(!) years. We both agreed that it's been a little difficult to keep in touch with high school classmates. And that's a real bummer to all of us who went to Conserve, but it was nice to make that connection again.

- I think I've been in about a two-year-long text message conversation with my friend Jack Schutter. I deleted the Twitter app on my phone, so I just text him things that I would tweet otherwise. That's probably a good thing because I'm kind of sick of Twitter. Here are some things I have texted Jack in the past week:

"Pulling for Derby County and Sheffield Wednesday"
"Also Elizabeth Dole is 13 years younger than Bob"
"I'm listening to Katy Perry and editing an article on planned gifts"
"Lamela playing striker for FA cup match. I predict a hat trick or a Rabona."

Actually, those are all from today. Probably better I didn't tweet those things.

- I’m no where near as excited about Superhero movies as I was five years ago. Seriously, The Dark Knight Rises was the first movie I ever bought a ticket more than a day ahead of time for. Now, I might go see them, but I won’t be disappointed if I miss them.

- I am binge-watching the West Wing. Man, it’s so good. It makes me wish just for a little bit that I pursued a career in politics, but then I remember that I’m an idealistic dreamer/nice guy who doesn’t like arguing and I remember that I probably wouldn’t enjoy it.

Martin Sheen was on the On Being podcast a few weeks ago. What a man. I really appreciate when I see Catholics whom I can relate to. I had no idea that he had been arrested numerous times in central America for protesting. It’s always interesting when you get to see a layer beneath big-time actors.  I highly recommend a listen.

- I put an offer on a condo! It’s a two-bedroom place in St. Louis Park. I really hope I get something soon. As much as I enjoy living at home (Hi mom!), I would love a closer commute.

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