Monday, January 18, 2016

18. Does anyone actually have fun on the job?

Does anybody who runs for president actually have any fun? After watching debates, reading
tweets, and perusing through numerous stories about the 2016 campaign, I begin to wonder if anyone actually has fun campaigning.

I’m mainly talking about the GOP here. I normally watch both parties’ debates just to get a taste of what the other side is saying and following along with the Twitter snark in real time, but I can’t even stomach them now. They all look like radical preachers with ulcers who are trying to convince us that we are in the middle of the end times because President Obama is next to the antichrist in terms of pure evil. (Side note, I just googled antichrist to get the proper style and a picture of Obama appeared.)  And then they insist on calling each other names. Who would want to do this day in and day out for 16 months?

Sometimes I think Donald Trump is the only one having fun. It’s like he’s trying out a bit that’s kept on going and he’s made it this far, so why would he stop now? Yet, Esquire magazine just put him on the cover with the headline “Hater in Chief.” I understand that the president faces lots of crap every single day, but to approach the job like a hater? Come on.

While I have my issues with President Obama, I generally like him and support his policies. One thing I really liked about him is that he looks like he’s able to have a little bit of fun on the job. His White House Correspondent Dinner speeches have been generally well-received. His “Between Two Ferns” sketch was hilarious. I haven’t watched his episode of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” yet, but I imagine Jerry Seinfeld had a nice back and forth with him.

I also like that Obama recognizes people of cultural impact. In his statement after the death of legendary comedy writer Harold Ramis, he made a sly reference to the movie Caddyshack.

I remember that the White House released a statement after the death of Robin Williams. It was a very touching statement that noted the effect Williams had on millions of people. I told that to a girl whom I had gone on a couple of dates with and she snapped back, “Doesn’t he have anything better to do?”

First off, Obama most likely did not write that statement. Second, he probably did numerous important things over the course of the day. And third, that was an important thing. It was an acknowledgement that our country is more than just the acridity of Congress and the boiling anger that is carried in people’s stomachs.

There are still people that can bring us together and make us laugh. I’m glad Obama acknowledged that over the course of his presidency.

We still have approximately 11 more months of campaigning and politicking and riling up righteous anger for your respective cause. I hope the person who eventually leads our country learns to lighten up and tell a joke.

Except Ted Cruz. He should just stop.

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