Monday, December 26, 2016

354. Wilco and Weezer

I drove back to my parents house on Christmas Eve afternoon. The drive from St. Louis Park usually takes about 45 minutes, but this time it felt shorter. I was thinking about relationships and dating (duh) and how everything kind of just falls apart sometimes and there is nothing you can do about it. I listened to the Wilco song “Ashes of American Flags” a handful of times. It’s a song I use to cope with things. That drive turned into one of those moments in time where everything goes by quickly. Once I hit the Wyoming exit, I couldn’t believe the drive was almost over.

This is a bit of a tired cliche, and it’s also a bit angsty, but two of the bands that sort of defined my 2016 were Wilco and Weezer. I saw both of them in concert. They both released new albums. They both begin with the letter W. Duh. Here are a few of their songs that stuck with me over these past 12 months.

Weezer- The Good Life: I discovered this song in mid-March. It’s got a bare guitar riff hook and a fantastic sing-a-long chorus. “I’ve got to get back to the good life.” I played this the other day while I was walking home from Uptown after a less-than-steller date. It’s a good song when you’re ready to say that you’re through with dealing with a bunch of crap. That happened quite a bit this year.

Wilco- Poor Places: This song was one I played while driving in the evening. “My jaw's been broken My heart is wrapped in ice My fangs have been pulled and i really want to see you tonight.” I love that image of being so hurt and in pain, yet all you want to do is see someone tonight. I first heard this song when I saw them in concert on Hall’s Island. I didn’t realize that it was also on the live album of theirs that I have. It was a pleasant surprise for the summer. It was my lost in the moment song.

Weezer- California Kids: This was one of their new songs this year. “It’s gonna be all right If you’re on a sinking ship Those California Kids will throw you a lifeline.” For some reason, I always feel better when someone tells me that it’s going to be all right because most of the time it will be all right. (Also, Weezer is one of those bands that elicits a strong reaction out of people. You don’t just dislike Weezer, you HATE them or think they sold out. I don’t know. I just like their music.)

Weezer- Surfwax America: This was another one of those songs that I discovered over the course of the year. It’s also another great chorus to sing along to. I bought the Blue Album for my brother for Christmas, but I may need to purchase one for myself. It’s just a great album to have along in the car.

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