Monday, December 12, 2016

331. Where I like to hang out

I’ve rethought the way I consume media these days. I’m less about current trends and more about who I want to spend time with. I heard that phrase in some podcasts where the hosts would talk about “wanting to spend more time in that world.” I really like that idea. We spend a lot of time just watching television, so it’s probably good to spend it with people you actually like. Here’s a few examples of worlds where I like to spend some time.

I get it that I’m not going to like every character on television or in the movies, but it helps me decide where I want to spend my time and money. I know that there are a lot of jerks out there. I just don’t want my entertainment budget to go towards seeing them. It just doesn’t feel worth it.

The Office: Yeah, Michael Scott is kind of annoying. I don’t think I’d actually like spending time with him, but I could see myself working at Dunder Mifflin. It’s a small office where people, despite all of the badmouthing and other shenanigans, seem to actually care about one another. That’s a refreshing attitude to have towards people you see during working hours. Jim and Pam is pretty much every millennials ideal love story. They’re funny, cute, and just seem to keep missing each other, until the get hitched. Watching the marriage episodes made me cry just a little bit. They’re what I watch when I need a little pick me up and reminder that the world doesn’t completely suck.

Parks and Rec: I think I’ve written about this before, but my favorite episode of this series involves an ultimate bachelor party where all the main male characters get together for Ben Wyatt’s bachelor party, but it turns into a bachelor party for all of them, because none of them actually had bachelor parties before they were married. I like this because I’ve felt like Chris Treger (Rob Lowe’s character.) He’s the full time best man for the episode and he guides the evening to make sure every guy gets their ideal party. It’s something I could see myself doing. I’d love to spend more time with these guys.

The West Wing: I think this show made me want to go into working for public service. (I mean didn’t it do this for everyone on the planet?) I’d love to have someone like Jed Bartlett as a boss. A few weeks back I did the “Describe yourself in three characters” meme and I listed Charlie Young, the president’s aid, as one of my characters. I love him. He sometimes is the only person in the oval office with his feet on the ground. He doesn’t have the fancy degrees that a lot of his coworkers do, but he’s got heart, is loyal, and knows how to help the president. He’s a great guy. I gave up the idea of working in politics a while ago, but it’s fun to watch a show the idealizes that profession.

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