Friday, December 23, 2016

350. Random

Your future self is wanting your present self to do something right now. I read that line somewhere yesterday. It kind of stuck with me. I don't think my future self ever talked about Netflix binging for hours. Not that that is a bad thing, sometimes you need that. It just seems like that's not the ideal way to make an epic adventure or get things done in your life. Realizing that you future self want to hold you accountable is a very good way to keep from the crap boiling over in your life. It also saves you from realizing that you're not supposed to just sit around all the time.

I remember that one time in high school I checked out a handful of movies to take home over break. I think I may have got to one or two of them. They were ones I wanted to see, but I just never invested in watching them. I'm not sure why. Life gets like that sometimes. We know we want to do something, yet we just can bring ourselves to do it. It's weird like that.

What did I want all this time? What do I still want or need? That's the multi-billion dollar question. Why is that so hard for people to answer? We think we know what we want, but it's so hard for us to vocalize or describe it to anyone else.

I've been listening to the Josh Ritter song "Empty Hearts" a lot the last few weeks. The chorus goes, "Don't let me into this year with an empty heart." I really like that line. That will be the 2017 mantra. No empty hearts.

My future self is probably screaming at me to get these blog posts done so I can go and do something else with my day. A run sounds ideal. Although a movie might not be a bad thing either.

I guess another thing that goes along with that is the waiting for whatever you want. I've tried to embrace waiting in different aspects of my life. We focus so much on instant gratification that we kind of don't know how to wait for things anymore. Waiting for stuff is bad. Heck, the human attention span is like eight seconds, isn't it? I don't mind that as much anymore. It's good to embrace the excitement before something happens. It's a space where you can kind of allow for tons of possibility.

This has been kind of a rambling blog post. I haven't had a full cup of coffee yet. My browser has eight tabs open. I've been picking through Spotify trying to find the best songs to write to. A few articles I want to read are up as well. I was thinking about going to a Yoga class at 9:30, but I don't think I'm going to be out of bed in time. I'd rather be outside anyway. I have to punch out another blog post right now anyway. Well, we're almost to 366.

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