Saturday, December 17, 2016

340. Warming Up

This is a blog post about nothing. This is just stream of consciousness stuff…


I'm currently watching Sunderland vs. Watford on NBCSN. It's kind of a boring game. I have the sound down low so I can concentrate on writing. These teams are mediocre in the swing of things. Though, Watford have improved over the last few seasons. I thought they'd be fighting for relegation, but it looks like they are comfortably in the middle to bottom half of the table. I guess that's fine. I don't run a Premiere League team, so I don't know what the owners are looking for. They're facing Sunderland. Sunderland hasn't been great this year. In fact, they are at the bottom of the table. (The Table is the english word for standings. I kind of like that a lot better.) They have one good goal scorer, Jermaine Defoe. He has eight goals in all premier leageue competitions. That's good, except for the fact that the rest of his team has like three or four.

SUnderland is called the black cats, while Watford is called the Hornets. Those nicknames seem sort of dumb to me. While, Watford's does. Their crest has a picture of a deer on it. I think it kind of looks like a Moose. I guess all sorts of teams and clubs have weird traditions.

I'm writing this on a Saturday morning. I've had about five or six cups of coffee, so I'm starting to feel it. Except I need to do the dishes because I'm drinking out of a smaller coffee cup. I'd rather have a bigger cup than a smaller one. I like a good handle on a coffee mug. I always feel like I can't hang on to this one. Outside it's cold, but not bitterly cold yet, tomorrow is supposed to be bitterly cold. I think the high will be about negative eight. I hate when people from Minnesota talk about how it's not cold out. No, you're not fooling anyone, it is cold out. I always tell people, that yeah it does get cold here. The key is just to dress properly for it. Layers of long johns, proper boots, good socks, a hat and choppers are all good things to have. If you don't have those things, of course you are going to be an absolute wreck.

And, yeah it is cold when it dips into the negatives. Don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise. I certainly don't want to go out in that weather. Though I am thinking about a trip to Uptown right now. There's a book that I really want to buy that I haven't gotten yet. It's the Bruce Springsteen autobiography. I told myself that I'd get it after I finished my 500 miles of running. I finished that last week, but I haven't been running since. That's probably just fine because it's cold and snowy out. I like to run outside in the winter, but it's a pain to do it where there is snow and ice on the ground. Luckily, I've never gotten injured when I've been out writing.

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