Saturday, December 24, 2016

352. HIMYM

I’ve been rewatching the show “How I Met Your Mother.” The show’s premise is that in the year 2030 the protagonist, Ted Mosby (voiced by Bob Saget), is telling his future children how he met their mother. And then the show tells the hijinx of Ted and his four friends from approximately the years 2006-2014 (I think?). It’s a confusing premise at first, but I’ve grown to like it. I think I’ve been rewatching it because I wanted something comforting. I like the characters and I like spending time in that world, but my views on the show have changed a little bit from when I first started watching it about four or five years ago.

I really hate this “find the one” crap. Maybe this is a little bit of bitterness sliding over into my taste in art, but I don’t believe in things related to fate in the love life department as much anymore. Maybe it’s one of those “Oh because you haven’t experienced yet, so you don’t know” sort of things. I don’t know. I think the whole process is a lot more tedious than you’d think it should be. I guess that’s fine, but Ted seems like such a whiner to me watching it later in life. Whining hasn’t gotten me that many good places in life. I guess that’s ok, but whatever.

I’m not a huge fan of the fat jokes. There’s a lot of jokes related to Barney, the show’s lothario, not wanting to sleep with “fatties.” Those jokes haven’t aged well. Those also seem kind of lazy.

Maybe this is me projecting my own frustrations and annoyances once again, but the whole thought of everything being one grand story that you can tell your kids seems too convenient. A metaphor that I’m fond of using is one of a pomegranate. I don’t think life is one long grand narrative that you can connect through everything. Life has starts and stops. You have to dig through a bunch of crap until you find the nuggets. Maybe it just takes you time to connect all of those pieces into one complex narrative. I don’t know.

Overall, maybe just surmising on things and sitting on them isn’t healthy and productive. I’ve been sitting in this chair worrying about things all morning. I’m on my fourth cup of coffee and I think I need to go out for a run.

I’ll just tell myself that I need to be a little less whiny, a little more productive and I should probably stop binging on things for hours on end. It’s not healthy. Life is just slightly better when you figure things. Life isn’t about sitting around waiting. I think you have to get out and do stuff. Just do things that make you happy and fulfill you and good things will happen. Maybe I need to just take heed of that and not worry about everything. That’s rarely worked out well for me. Alright, time to get off this damn computer and just go do something.   

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