Sunday, September 25, 2016

262. Visiting states

I read something interesting yesterday about what it means to “be in a state.” I’ve long used the “driven through it” or “as long as I stepped foot in it” analogy. In an email newsletter I get, the writer Will Leitch disagreed.

Here are the activities Leitch counts towards “being in a state”:
  • Spending the night.
  • Attending a sporting event or concert.
  • Having a dinner with an old friend (as opposed to eating by yourself on a drive and then leaving).
  • Going for a run.
  • Visiting some sort of attraction, whether it’s a historical landmark, an amusement park or the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota. If you go do it, even if you’re just on a drive and stopping for a couple of hours, does count.

I’ve long counted some states that I’ve just driven through. So I’m going reevaluate and see if I can remember what I did in most of those states. Blue means I have been to the state, grey means I have not. (I think that's the color grey.)

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Ok, so first, I've never been to either Alaska or Hawaii, so those are two easy ones to cut out.

California- Visited LA numerous times, went to San Diego, was in Northern California for a wedding. 

Oregon- Family vacation on the coast. Can't exactly remember which town, but would like to get to Portland

Washington- Family trip to Seattle. Also went camping with a buddy in Olympic National park.

Idaho/Montana/Wyoming- I've never stepped foot in in Idaho. I took a nice trip to Glacier National Park, and I have visited Yellowstone National Park. All good times. 

Nevada- Trip to Vegas with family. I was a teenager, so didn't have that much fun. Also went backpacking with a buddy in the Ruby Mountains. Northeastern Nevada does not have much going on in a human sense.

Utah/New Mexico/Arizona- I first thought I just hit Arizona and Utah due to a family four corners trip. Now that I think about it, I've been to Salt Lake City (I don't remember why.) But I haven't done the same for Arizona. Weird. I've been to New Mexico a handful of times to visit an aunt that lives in Albuquerque. I also went to Philmont Scout Ranch.

Colorado- I went to Colorado three times last year. My last trip was to the Boulder area for a friend's wedding. 

North Dakota/South Dakota- I stopped at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. I made a few trips to Sioux Falls this past year. We also did a family vacation to the Badlands earlier. I also remember a scouting backpacking trip in the area as well.

Nebraska- Since two of my good friends live down there, I've been to Lincoln a few times. 

Arkansas/Kansas/Oklahoma- I think we drove through these states for a family trip to Texas. I used to count them on my list, but I can't remember if we did anything of significance in either states.

Texas- We visited Dallas on a family trip when I was in second grade. I also went to Houston for the quiz bowl national championships.

OK, round two coming up in the next blog post. 

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