Friday, September 2, 2016

242. More questions

I’m just going to keep going with these questions because I want to catch up with the blog posts.

What’s the Best Advice You’ve Gotten?
The best advice I’ve ever gotten was, “People won’t always remember what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel.” I’ve taken that to heart in a lot of ways in my adult life. I like making people feel welcome. I think that’s helped me when I’ve had to deal with customers in any sort of way with my job. No matter what, make them feel like you care and that you are listening to them. In a way, I think that’s more important than most physical accolades. Most of the trophies I’ve earned are now gathering dust somewhere. I didn’t earn a ton, but most of them don’t mean a whole lot to me now. The respect I’ve gained from colleagues and other people have meant a lot more.
I got two nice thank you notes from Marshall athletes that I covered. Both of them said I was a role model in a sort of way. That made me feel really good. Made me feel like I am doing something right. I also think most advice like “don’t give up” is unclear and full of crap. This is easy to figure out and follow. If you made someone feel like crap, they will remember it.
Is doing nothing a good use of your time?
I think it is, in moderation. Lately I’ve been thinking about breaks and rest a lot. I don’t think we do nothing enough. Even though we think we’re doing nothing at times, we’re still doing those little things like checking our phones, fiddling or tidying up. I suppose there are very few times I’m doing absolutely nothing, but I think it’s good to be more mindful of what we’re actually doing.

Lately, I’ve been visualizing what I need to do at points throughout my day. I’ve told myself, “I am going to go for a 40 minute run after work.” That happened! Most of the time I’m satisfied with a 20-25 minute run, but it was cool to say I was going to do something and just go out and do it. I also did that this evening when I told myself that I wasn’t going to buy alcohol this evening. I kind of wanted to, but I also wanted to save money and not drink too much. It’s nearly 9:30 and I did not go to the liquor store today. (I did have a beer at a friend’s house, but I think that’s a little bit of a different story.
I’ve also tried to rest a little bit more. I used to think that I needed to run every day or almost every day. I think my splits have been faster ever since I’ve staggered my training. I also feel different. If I’m tired, I know I should rest. I don’t need to force it. However, I feel like I should be active every day. I’ve been mixing it up with more walks and yoga. I feel better about all of that sort of stuff.

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