Friday, September 2, 2016

241. Answering questions

I’ve been a little stuck for writing topics lately, so I’m going to get some inspiration from writing prompts. I googled writing prompts and I landed on this from the New York Times. I’ll eventually get back to jotting down my thoughts, but right now I just want to catch up on these blog posts. So here’s a question I landed on: What personal essay topic would you assign to college applicants?

I thought about something like this for a while. I think I would assign something along the lines of, “Describe a time you were vulnerable. How did you realign and recalibrate yourself?” I’d probably write a more succinct question, but I like to know when people really struggled.

I’ve found that I’ve come to gain a lot of respect for people when they are vulnerable or willing to open themselves up. I’ve grown a lot through my successes, but I think I’ve developed just as much, if not more, through my failures. As a society, we don’t like failure. We ignore it. We view  failing and vulnerability as negative characteristics. I think that’s a load of bullocks.

I think people show their true characteristics when they’re faced with a challenge or something that takes them out of their comfort zone. Granted, some people face a lot more challenges than others. (I don’t think I’d be able to match up with someone who lived in Syria and had to work their way up through a place like that.

I’ve always been bothered by the whole college application process. I’ll put it right out there that I don’t have any other better ideas, but it’s hard to glean much from (some) people’s essays. That’s for another time.
Question 2.

222. What are you listening to?

I’ve been listening to two different bands a lot lately: Weezer and Wilco. I saw Wilco a few weeks ago and I’m going to go see Weezer tomorrow night. I only have one Wilco album on CD, their “Kicking Televisions” live album. It’s a fun one to blast in the car. I’m not much for live albums usually, but this one is really good. It’s easy to sing a long to and it moves along nicely. Good live albums make you feel like you are there.

I’ve been prepping for the Weezer concert by listening to a few different albums. I decided to get tickets after listening to their latest album. It’s a good sing along song and I’ve liked running to it. The woman I stood next to at the Wilco concert recommended I check out their previous one, “Everything will be all right in the end.” I’d heard a couple songs off of it, but I listened to it more closely. That one is a lot of fun as well. I think that Weezer is a band that you either really like, somewhat enjoy, or really, really hate. There is no lukewarm hate for Weezer. I’m not quite sure why.

I also like the song “The Good Life.” I’ve been listening to that a lot at work.

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