Tuesday, September 6, 2016

246. Food Survey

Trying to get caught up on blog posts. So I thought I’d turn to some quick and easy CONTENT> Here I am answering a food survey from here

Food Survey

1.     How do you feel about golden oreos?
I have never had them, but I am guessing they are probably terrible. Going away form a tried and true recipe is always a risky proposition.
2.     What is your favorite dessert topping?
Whipped cream. Fresh whipped cream specifically. It’s the best on fruit.
3.     What is your favorite flavor/brand of bubble gum?
Uhhhh… Trident? I probably chew it too much, even though I shouldn’t with my teeth problems.
4.     Favorite cheese?
Ugh, there are so many good choices. I love fresh, sharp cheddar, pepper jack, provolone, and pretty much anything else that can be melted onto something.
5.     Favorite Lunch Meat?
Turkey, obviously. It’s the most versatile lunch meat. You can load it with veggies, or you can just go with plain old meat and cheese. No judgement here.
6.     Favorite ice cream flavor?
I’m going to be lame and say vanilla. I like adding toppings to it though.
7.     Best looking food?
Sandwiches! Obviously. They’ve got a little bit of everything in them.
8.     Best food to put cheese on?
Tortillas. That was my snack growing up. Melted cheese on a tortilla. It feels a bit sacriliges to call it a quesadilla. It was an Americanized quesidilla.
9.     Best sexual food?
Uhhhhh…. I don’t know how to answer this question.
10.   Best tasting drink in the summer?
Lemonade is pretty great, but a nice sessionable beer like a summer shandy or a grain belt is pretty awesome as well.
11.   Best tasting drink in winter?
I like a tea with lemon and honey.
12.   Best food for a night out with friends?
Uhhhh… What? I guess I would say nachos. They’re sharable and if you don’t like nachos there is obviously something wrong with you.
13.   Best foods to eat with a roll?
Uhhh…. A sandwich? I don’t know, are you looking for a meat here? I’m not quite sure what you are asking.
14.   Messiest food, in your opinion?
Barbeque. It’s one of the few foods that I’m completely fine with getting all over my hands.
15.   Easist food to prepare?
Maybe pasta? Or ice cubes. Ice cubes are easy to prepare.
16.   Cheapest food you ever ate?
Ummm.. Ramen? I guess that’s pretty cheap.
17.   Most expensive food you ever ate?
It was probably some sort of steak. Or lobster. Maybe crabs. Probably one of those sea food things.
18.   Stinkiest food you ever ate?
Well, it’s not stinky in of itself, but aspargus makes for some pretty stinky results.
19.   Favorite dipping sauce?
Full disclosure here, I’m not much of a dipping sauce guy. I’m apathetic about ketchup. Salsa is pretty delicious, but I don’t think it’s a sauce. Barbecue sauce is pretty good, if it’s legit.
20.   Best pizza topping?
Pepperoni, but I like lots of pizza toppings. I’m not too choosy.
21.   Favorite potato chip flavor?
I would have to say a spicy kind. I’m not too picky.

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