Saturday, September 3, 2016

243. More questions (2)

Continuing my series on random questions from this New York Times essay prompt series.

What is your favorite store? Why?
I don’t like retail stores all that much. There’s a lot of crap in there that people don’t really need. They promote mindless consumption. People are spending money that they don’t have. I dislike novelty products that serve almost no purpose. Whenever I’m in most stores, I just get fed up with things and leave without purchasing anything.

There are a few exceptions to my retail hate though:
Trader Joe’s: Trader Joe’s is my all-time favorite grocery store. I first fell in love with it when I lived in Boston. It had the cheapest stuff around. I’d often take the T from Cleveland Circle to Coolidge Corner so I could shop there (even though there were closer grocery stores nearby.) I like it because it is much more affordable, and I like trying their stuff that’s just a bit outside of the normal grocery store stuff: jalepeno pickle chips, Leiscester cheese, pretzal bagels.

I also like it because it seems like people working there actually want to be there. I only know what I see when I walk into the store regarding their working conditions, but it seems pretty decent for a retail operation. There’s usually always good music playing. I usually have a halfway decent conversation with the person at the register when they are checking me out. In short, I feel good when I leave the store, as opposed to most places where I either feel guilty or upset at everything. Also, three buck chuck is usually a decent investment for an undiscriminating wine drinker such as myself.

TJ Maxx: This store was another one that got my through my Boston years. They have affordable stuff that looks decent. They also have reasonable priced, fashionable socks. I think they were like five bucks for three pairs. (I feel like that would be nine dollars in most other places.) I haven’t updated my wardrobe in a while, but once I do, that will probably be the first place I visit.

Do you get enough sleep?
I probably do. I’m unfashionable with regards to my sleeping habits. I like sleeping in my own bed. I get anxious if I know I’m going to get less than seven hours of sleep. I don’t really like crashing on couches at other people’s places. I’ve monitored my drinking more now that I know it really affects my quality of sleep.

It’s kind of funny because I don’t really enjoy sleeping in. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I have slept in past 10 a.m. I’m usually up around 8 a.m. on weekends. I’ve grown to really like that morning time because it gives me an excuse to be unproductive for a while.

Would you ever consider getting a tattoo?
Eh, I probably won’t. I just can’t justify the expense for something that permanent. I’d rather invest it in a trip or some other type of experience. Even though tattoos are becoming more culturally accepted they are just not for me.

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