Monday, May 30, 2016

144. Doin Stuff

I didn’t set out to have a slow weekend. My original plans fell through last week, so I thought I’d make some new ones. On Friday night, I went to the Saints game with my friend Dave. We went to Tin Whiskers brewery prior to the game. I enjoyed checking out a new brewery in Lowertown, Saint Paul. (Side note, If I hadn’t found my place here in St. Louis Park, I would have totally moved to Lowertown.

On Saturday, I ran some errands. I bought a vacuum cleaner. You know you’ve settled down a little bit when you make the investment in a vacuum cleaner. I went to my friend Joe’s house to watch the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. We checked out the Afro Deli in Cedar-Riverside, a place I knew Joe would like. We then went to the MN United game. Even though it was an ugly loss, it was nice to get out and watch a game. (Side note: I’m pretty disappointed by the beer selection at the Minnesota United games.)

i decided to take it a little bit slower today. I started the day, as I usually do, with my Sunday New York Times. As much as I wanted to spend the whole morning reading, i know that after about ninety minutes, I begin to get restless. Maybe it’s too much coffee, maybe it’s wanting to get my day started, but some switch flips and I can’t concentrate on the paper. I put together my vacuum cleaner and did a quick run through of the apartment. It’s very satisfying to see all the crud get sucked up by the machine. You say to yourself, “Wow, I was living with all of that.”

I wanted to go outside after that. This is my favorite time of the year. It’s warm out, but not hot out, and the bugs have not descended upon the state just yet. It’s just pleasant to be outside and you don’t feel disgusting. I wanted to try out a new route, but something in my mind clicked: I wanted to do more miles. I know a lot of running is physical, but there is also a part of it that’s mental. I told myself I wanted to run seven miles. And I did! I usually do about three, but it was either focusing, the weather, or wanting to burn off all the beer I had drank over the past 48 hours, but it felt great to get outside.

I thought I was going to go to the library after that, but disaster struck. The dial on my shower broke. I was stuck with a leaky faucet. I freaked out a bit over it and called a friend. However, It seemed like it would be an easy fix. After three trips to the hardware store, I finally found got the correct part. I replaced it pretty easily. That felt really great, even though it took three hours out of my afternoon. I also managed to make it to Sherwin Williams for some more paint. My goal is to get that other room painted tomorrow. Hopefully that will happen.

I cooked a decent dinner, I busted open a bottle of win, and now I’m in my happy place writing and listening to music. The windows are open and I’m feeling good.

Plans change, a lot, but I’m glad I just didn’t sit around and mope this weekend. Some days it just feels good to accomplish things, even if they aren’t what you originally planned.

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