Monday, May 9, 2016

125. Turkey Club Club: Fathead's Saloon

On my final day in the greater Cleveland area, I went out to lunch with two of my very close friends, Andy and Angela. They had read numerous Turkey Club Club blog posts and wanted to make sure Cleveland was well represented. I was happy to oblige.

We decided on Fatheads, a brewpub that’s pretty popular in the area. We were there at about 2:30, so we missed the lunch crowd and didn’t run into the dinner crowd. We also sat outside. And boy is it wonderful to enjoy a Turkey Club Club al fresco.

One thing I’ve learned about being a turkey sandwich blogger is that it’s easy to find what you’re going to get on the menu. I like it when things are simple. My eyes wondered to the Cleveland Club. It had turkey, ham, bacon, tomato, lettuce, and cucumber. I’m always a little skeptical of mixing main mets, but hey, when you’re in Cleveland, you gotta live it up. I also got a Trailhead Ale. Angela got a fish sandwich, “the Codfather”, and Andy got a reuben, “The Brewben.” The sandwiches were also listed under “Headwiches” because they’re basically as big as your head. (I guess Cleveland likes big sandwiches. I am OK with that.)

This sandwich came at the end of a long weekend in the Buckeye state and before my long flight back home, so I was hoping for something that would fill me up. I wasn’t disappointed. The whole thing was huge. I had to slice it in half. The bun was huge. It had to be with all the meat and veggies piled on it. I always go back and fourth on sandwiches that are bigger than your jaw. Sometimes they’re delicious, but other times I just find them annoying. You really have to psyche yourself up to get one.

The Cleveland Club had a lot of stuff on it. The layering was good, and it stuck together well. However, I was slightly disappointed with the main players. The meat was nothing special, it was the kind of stuff I could easily find at a store. The vegetables were good, but there was little to no sauce or mayo to speak of. That part got lost somewhere in there.

I feel like I may need to start splitting my sandwiches into two categories: sit-down sandwiches and stand-up sandwiches. Sit down sandwiches are ones you can enjoy for a meal at a restaurant. You’re probably going to have fries and a beer with it and are prepared to let it digest for a while. You can be a little bit crazier with your sit-down sandwich.

Stand-up sandwiches are a little more efficient. They’re stand-up sandwiches because I could eat them while I’m standing up or at my desk. They’re not as greasy, they’re simpler, and they’re not messy. You don’t want any surprises with your stand-up sandwich.

The Cleveland Club was a stand-up sandwich trying to be a sit-down one. If it was about 50 percent smaller, I could see getting it for lunch. However, I wanted a little bit more flash to go along with my beer.

Also, I was really friggin’ jealous of Andy’s Reuban. That was a delicious sandwich. I had a bite of his. Holy crap, it was amazing. I gotta tell you, sandwich envy automatically gets you point deductions. Overall, I’d give Fatheads a two out of five. The company was wonderful, the beer was good, and the place was nice, but it just hurts a little bit when you’re disappointed by the turkey sandwich.

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