Tuesday, May 24, 2016

137. Turkey Club Club: Urban Sub

I was really looking forward to the Urban Sub. A former classmate of mine from Saint John’s had
recommended it a while back, but I hadn’t had the opportunity to go. Also, it’s kind tucked away on a weird corner of Park Place and Wayzata Blvd. I had driven past it a number of times, but I hadn’t seen it till that day. My friend Joel even had to point it out to me so we didn’t miss it the third time we passed by it.

I had been painting my apartment for most of the morning, so I felt pretty ravenous for a sandwich. The restaurant was a small place. A few metal tables inside and a counter. There were a couple tables outside as well. I was very excited to eat outside. It was an ideal one, weatherwise, just warm enough and no bugs yet.

I had looked at the menu before coming to the place. I had a tough time deciding whether I was going to get the Smoked Turkey Melt, the Turkey Avocado, or the Urban Club (Turkey, ham, bacon, tomato, greens). I was a little hesitant to get a sandwich with two types of meat after my last club sandwich, but I thought I should stay on brand.

I got the Urban Club and a can of Coke, Joel got the Westside Italian Sub. The price was a little expensive for my taste, $8.75 for the sandwich before tax. We ordered for “here.”

The server brought the sandwiches out to us wrapped in foil and butcher paper (no tray). That seemed weird to me. There really was no difference in presentation between “here” and “to go”, just where we ate them.

The sandwich had decent heft, not great. Also, I probably couldn’t make this at home. (Well, I might be able to, but it would take a long time to find all the ingredients.) As I’ve mentioned before, the bread is the tricky part to get right, but Urban Sub had their own style. The subs came on baguettes, which I’m always a little hesitant of ever since I got some dental work done. Extremely chewy foods make my jaw hurt. I kept going anyway.

The first thing I noticed was that they got the meat part right. I’m a big fan of thinly sliced meat. This was so thinly sliced, it was almost in shreds. It also wasn’t slimy. The bacon was also fresh and just the right amount of greasy. I’m not usually a mustard guy, but I only got the slightest hint of the mustard taste on the whole thing. Even though the greens went askew while I was eating and it took me a while to find a tomato, I still enjoyed the whole thing.

I’d give Urban Sub a four out of five. I don’t think it would be a regular lunch or dinner place for me (the price was a little high for just the sandwich), but I’d definitely hit it up again to fulfill those sandwich cravings.

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