Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hob Knob Job Search: Writers Need Something to Write About

Morale was pretty low yesterday. It felt like I could 90% of the job requirements for listed jobs. However, there were one or two things, like Photoshop, that I didn't know. I questioned the classes I took at BU and began to get really frustrated. It felt like I was stuck in a no-man's land of being a really good writer, but without anything that made me stand out.

So I applied for a job on a boat.

DevestatedIt was for a Ticket Office Agent with Entertainment Cruises. It's a minimum wage job, but it's one I think I would be really good at.

Here is the job description:

"Inspired by a commitment to excellence, Shipmates at our Company* create unforgettable memories for our guests. The successful Ticket Office Agent will warmly greet guests and distribute boarding passes, answer questions, diligently collect payments and vouchers, and make reservations while maintaining an upbeat attitude."

Upbeat is my middle name. 

After completing my application, a thought went through my head, "Why are you applying for another almost minimum wage job?" I don't want to sound hoity-toity here, but I did just complete my master's degree and I'd like some sort of financial security. 

And then I thought about my desire to be a garbageman. I thought about Hemingway being an ambulance driver in World War I. I thought about Ted Conovor writing about being a prison guard. Writers don't just sit behind desks. 

Later that evening, I had a conversation with a former teacher and they passed along some advice, "A writer needs something to write about." That made me feel like I was on the right track.

HeisenbergI can still write when I am doing something else. One thing you do does not define you. 
Good news! I heard back from the temp staffing agency Creative Circle. I've got an interview on Thursday. It seems like a good lead.
Accomplishments for 1/7:
-Finished Entertainment Cruises App
-Tried Lifehacker's tip to find unlisted jobs.   


  1. Your gifs cause me to wonder whether you've considered meth buying/selling/processing.

    1. I was terrible at high school chemistry and I don't like sales, so I'm guessing my empire would not amount to much.