Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hob Knob Job Search: Networking or Not Working?

A few weeks ago a man came into Improv Boston.  I will refer to him as Zeke.  He's an active member of the community. Zeke a nice guy, but he tends to talk a lot.I don't always understand where Zeke is going with things, but when I see him, I politely give him my attention and listen for a few minutes.

Another person working that night, I will call him Bubba, asked me why I was listening to Zeke. First off, I said I was doing my job by being the "face" of Improv Boston at the ticket desk. I greet everybody and listen to them. And second, I really don't mind listening to people. 

Bubba kept cutting me off and saying that the guy was basically not worth talking to. He said that Zeke talked a lot without doing much. Well, that may be true, but I believe that everyone deserves a chance to be listened to, if you're polite and you mean well. (Basically, if you're not lying to me or trying to scheme me.)

There was another motivation behind me listening to Zeke, he knows people. He's run an ad agency and is pretty involved in what's going on in Boston. So it would behoove me to be on friendly terms with him. Maybe he will walk into the theater one day and say, "Hey, I know this guy whose looking for a writer and i think you'd be great for it."

A lot of people misunderstand networking. They think it is all about handing out business cards and schmoozing. There is an aspect of that, but it's also just about being out there and connecting. 

I had an interview at HubSpot the other day. Really cool place and a really cool company. The recruiter said I should send in an application, so BOOM YEAH.

I'm going to a networking event this evening with March Communications. I noticed that they do some PR with Green Companies, so there is a win right there. 


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