Sunday, October 16, 2016

282. The weekend

I had a good weekend, a really active weekend. It’s nice to get off the couch and not be watching Netflix over the course of the weekend. Here’s a quick recap of everything that went down.

I was exhausted on Friday evening when I got home. I crawled into bed for about 45 minutes before I left for a concert in Delano. All I wanted was to listen to some good music, drink some cheap beer, and enjoy myself. Mike came over and we got McDonalds. I’m not usually one for McDonalds, but I try to enjoy the one time per year I get it. I got a buttermilk chicken and fries. Man, it hit the spot. We headed over to the venue after eating to go see Farewell Milwaukee. It was at a farm.
I didn’t quite know what to expect. It was a restored barn in a semi-residential neighborhood. I expected to see a bunch of people like me-millennial hipster types-but it was a lot of people who skewed slightly older. Mike and I brought some beers in, set up our chairs, and settled in for the concert. The backyard was a terraced hill, and the stage was outlined in Christmas lights. We ended up sitting next to the wife of one of the guys who owned the place, Mary. She was very nice and friendly, very Minnesotan.

The concert was very chill. I first saw Farewell Milwaukee over the summer at the Basilica Block Party. They have sort of a country, harmonies, rock band. They also seem down to earth. They’re from the Twin Cities. I bought their newest album, and I’ve really enjoyed listening to it. The concert lasted about two hours. I stole the setlist after it was done. I’ve always wanted to do that. Mike and I also talked to the lead singer, Ben Lubeck. He was a super nice guy. It’s always a little intimidating to talk to a legit rockstar, but it’s also refreshing when those rockstars are down to earth.

I went to go see A Prairie Home Companion the next evening. The welcoming and warm music atmosphere continued with this concert. Chris Thile isn’t Garrison Keilor, but it was totally cool. He was excited to be there, and he seemed to genuinely be enjoying himself. The music was also awesome. It was a place where I could see myself spending a few hours every week. I like viewing my entertainment through the lens of “Do I want to spend time with these people?” I’d like to spend time with Thile and his band. I’m looking forward to future episodes.

This was probably peak fall this weekend. It felt good to spend most of it out and about. On Sunday afternoon I went to Surly Brewing Company with my roommate. We ended up in a heated game of cornhole. Being away from the phone and tv made me feel relaxed. I just wanted to be where I was. That’s a comforting feeling.

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