Sunday, April 10, 2016

98. Nick Hansen #TreatYoSelf Day

I’ve had April 10th on my mind for quite a while. Two years ago my world was shaken up. I was stressed about money, love, my purpose in life, and where I was heading and it all came to a head on this particular evening. Everything really changed after that. It set into motion me moving back to Minnesota and getting to where I am today.

Even though I’m in a much better place now, I still think about what happened on that day (much less than I used to, but it still crosses my mind.) The day doesn’t have any real significance, things don’t dramatically change on this day. It’s just stuck a corner in my brain and stayed there.

While, i wanted that to change. So midway through the day, I decided that it was Nick Hansen #TreatYoSelf Day. The name comes from an episode of one of my favorite sitcoms, “Parks and Rec” where two of the character take one day a year where they treat themselves and indulge in expensive shopping and other fine products. It’s a day for yourself.

Well I’m not someone who enjoys spending a lot of money on things, I like the idea of doing things for yourself every once in a while. i wanted to change how I viewed this particular day.

Luckily, the day got off to a good start. I had planned to go to the Local to go watch the Tottenham vs. Manchester United soccer game a few days ago. Usually, I drive, but I didn’t feel like paying for parking, so I decided to walk (long walks are one of my favorite things). It was only about three miles from my place in Saint Louis Park, most of which was on a bike trail, so I decided to hoof it out. It was a pleasant morning, not too hot or cold.

I got to the Local around 9:45 and got the breakfast buffet. My cousin Joe joined me a little later. We chatted about soccer, politics, and plumbing (yes, really plumbing). Tottenham won the game 3-0 after scoring all three goals in an exciting six minute stretch. I also happened to win a $10 gift card to Chipotle from a bet I had on the game with a friend.

After walking back home, I went to work with the advice Joe gave me on fixing the toilet. I’d like to say I put hours and hours of work into it and finally get everything figured out, but all I really needed to do was adjust a plastic thing. Simple as that.

I then took a quick nap (another one of my favorite things) and then headed to Trader Joe’s (another one of my favorite things) and picked up some of my favorite snack items (Chili lime pistachios anyone?)

I met my parents for afternoon mass at the Basilica. A gospel quartet sang some songs for the service. Two of their songs - “The Storm  is Passing” and “The Potter” stuck out to me. Their choruses made me think about today. The first song is pretty evident why it stood out, the second talked about being rebuilt. Both were fitting for me.

I then went over to my girlfriend’s place where we then headed over to her brother’s house and I subsequently met most of the family. It was a little intimidating, but the food was delicious and everyone was pretty easygoing.

Not a bad first-ever Nick Hansen #TreatYoSelf Day.

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