Tuesday, April 5, 2016

94. Figuring it out

Is there a designated time where we seem to “get it?” You know those people who look like they get it. They project the happy families, the vacations, the money, the high-paying job. The kinds of people where you look at them and say, “Well, that’s what I hope to be doing some day.”

I spoke with an attorney the other day who took me aback (in a good way) with her attitude towards that sort of thing. One could probably say that she has “gotten it.” She was a partner at a large firm and she’s worked on small high-profile cases in a traditionally male-dominated section of the bar.

Yet, she was self-deprecating, laughed at herself, and admitted that she doesn’t have it all figured out. Now, I know most of you reading this probably have the lawyer stereotype in your head, but I’ll be honest, many of the lawyers I have met do not fit that mold. This lawyer definitely didn’t.

This lawyer probably makes more money than me, yet she admitted she struggled with keeping everything going smoothly in work and family. She likened it to attending to pots of the stove and making sure nothing burned. From my short chat with her, I would have totally thought she had all of it figure out.

I’ve grown to like people more when they admit things aren’t perfect. I mean, I don’t like whiners, but I find myself more in tune with people who admit to hitting road bumps in life. I can’t stand it when people pretend life is a convertible ride down the road. I don’t think life is like that.

I guess people could think that I’ve “gotten it.” I have a good job that I can see myself being in. I’ve got an apartment and I seem to be happy with where things are. I know I don’t have it figured out. I still have my days where things seem hopeless and other days where it’s all sunshine and rainbows. I think one thing in life you learn to figure out is how to ride the waves. Maybe you do that with the help of all those things that make you happy.

Here’s what I think I’ve got so far:
  • I like to write. While sometimes it’s a struggle to sit down in front of a computer, I enjoy the process more often than not and I know it needs to be a big part of my life.
  • I am at my best when I am a kind, compassionate, helpful person. I don’t do grudges well (or I do them too well.) So, when I feel myself getting angry or bitter, I try to tack and go the kinder, gentler route.
  • I like being healthy. I like being active. Running, yoga, etc., but I actually hate competition.
  • I enjoy reading the newspaper, books, comedy movies, (most) superhero films, classics.

So, I guess that’s not much, but I think one and two especially put me ahead of a lot of people. They don’t give me any more money, but I’ll take them.

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