Monday, March 28, 2016

85. I was so much older then.

Are you who you thought you were going to be 10? 15? 20 years ago? I thought about that today. It was either a song or a podcast that inspired this line of thought. I’ve touched on what jobs and styles I thought I’d be doing at different points in my life, but I’ve never really thought about what type of person. To engage in a little bit of self-reflection here,  here are a few different parts of who I think I am and if I ever thought I’d be there.

A writer- The thought of writing for fun and profit didn’t really take hold until about 2012, when I started writing for a few different websites. I’d say the idea first germinated after I took a Creative Writing course my senior year of college. I remember enjoying my writing classes in high school, but I never thought I would make a career out of it. (Or that it’d be the thing I go to when I need to destress or saying something.  My creative writing course was probably one of the most influential courses I took. People look at me funny when I say that I was an environmental studies major.

Physically Active- I have a complicated relationship with most athletic activities. I don’t enjoy team sports all that much anymore. I feel like people just turn into big babies and complain about reffing or cheating or a bad call or something. That tires me out. I used to play soccer, basketball, and football. I enjoyed them, but I really don’t enjoy the team sports now. In fact, I don’t even enjoy races all that much. I use my time running or biking or doing yoga as a way to disconnect. I would say I’m a pretty active runner and I like improving my time, but in the end, I don’t really care about competition. I just like being outside, getting exercise, and the rush of endorphins that come afterwards.

Politically active- This one hasn’t changed much. I wrote my first letter to the editor when I was in seventh grade. I scolded people for not showing up to vote in the primaries, where your vote probably matters more than in the general election. I’ve stayed pretty active, still occasionally writing letters and being active. This evening I stayed on the phone with a gentleman from a survey company (that was definitely right-leaning) just so I could have my opinions heard. College was probably my peak of political activity, but I’m looking forward to being a delegate at my Senate District Convention once again.

Nice guy- “Nice guy” is such a cliche these days. I’d like to think that I’m a nice person, but I also like to think that I’ve grown into it and accepted it. Maybe a kind person is a more accurate description. I think I’ve always had that mentality in the back of my mind, but I’ve secretly wished I was a rule breaker or badass or something. No, that’s not me.

This is an interesting reflection, will probably continue on another post.

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