Monday, March 14, 2016

73. Random things I enjoy

I’m tired of writing about the big things of the world, so here is a list of things I enjoy.

Wandering around in bookstores: There aren’t many times in life anymore where we get to discover things by accident. We’re creatures of habit online and our social media feeds are smart enough to notice that. We have “curated” feeds of content. Amazon knows what we might like. Netflix always has a new recommendation.

That’s why I love just wandering around a bookstore. I rarely make an impulse purchase, but wandering around in bookstores clears my head. I think the possibility that I could discover something new makes me happy. I usually check out the same sections, but every once in awhile something new and interesting will pique my interest.

Big epic cooking: Since I didn’t have much of a social life in Marshall, many of my Saturday nights were spent preparing big meals. I’m an ok cook (meaning I can follow a recipe). And it was always fun to see something through to the end knowing I had made the whole thing.

I’m not very handy and I don’t have the artistic know-how to build stuff, so cooking provides a nice medium for a creative, usefulness output.

I once made a whole bunch of chicken parmesean and drank a bottle of red wine with it and watched The Wire. I’m not saying being a bachelor is the best thing in the world, but it’s worth the cost of admission some days.

Spring: From when Daylight Savings Time kicks in until the end of June is my favorite time of the year. I pretty much enjoy all seasons, but something about the mild weather and the longer hours of daylight just lifts my spirits. I love being able to walk outside with no jacket on and feel just perfect. It’s like a long shower after the grime and gristle of winter has worn you down. And it’s not the awful heat of summer. (Which I contend, being too cold is better than being too hot, but that’s for another post.)

Something about the smell gets me too. It smells like things are starting to wake up.
The Vows Section of the Sunday New York Times: Don’t judge me. Ok, judge me all you want, but I actually like these stories. Yeah, they people they feature are usually richer than me and probably are better looking, but a nice love story is enjoyable.

Cinnamon Rolls: These are the best handheld breakfast carbohydrate. Donuts are always hit or miss. You never know if the jelly is going to taste good or like something that Grimace hacked out of his lungs. Sticky buns are fine, but then your fingers are friggin’ sticky. Bagels are good, but bad bagels just disappoint you. Scones can be hit or miss as well. You don’t want a dry scone.

Hot cinnamon rolls with frosting are ideal for their consistency, flavor, and overall goopy to yum ratio. (I don’t know what that is. I just made it up, but it sounds awesome.)

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