Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Turkey Club Club: Lyons Pub

When you start out at new job there is always a chance that you could get labeled as "X Guy" for some little life quirk that was never once brought up in your previous place of employment.

I think I may now be "The Turkey Sandwich guy" because I've talked about sandwiches quite a lot in my first two weeks. 
I am OK with that branding. It could always be worse. And hey, I don't mind if people want to talk about sandwiches. I LOVE talking about sandwiches. 

Eight days after I started, my boss took the communications team out for lunch. They were the people I'd probably be working with the most in the office. I'd worked with them all a little bit already, but this was a chance to socialize after week one over lunch. 

We went to Lyons Pub across the street from our office building. Lyons Pub looked like a place I wouldn't mind having a drink. It reminded me of Cornwall's Pub in Boston. A unpretentious British-style pub that was lively, but never too busy and had a good selection of drinks. 

I had my eyes on a buffalo chicken wrap, but at the last second I panicked and got the Turkey Sandwich. I don't know if I thought everyone was expecting me to order that or what. I wasn't feeling great about it. (I also didn't get fries, I've been trying to cut back.)

When the plates came out, I wasn't impressed. My initial observation always is, "Could I make this at home?" And yeah, it looked like I could with this one. The bread looked like standard grocery store wheat bread and there wasn't any special sauce or spread on it.

The bread was toasted, but I'm not always a huge fan of that. If it is toasted, it has to have some melted cheese with it. I don't like just toasting the bread. 

The meat was above average. It tasted like fresh deli meat and looked hearty as well. The lettuce and tomatoes were good, but not overly memorable.

However, I didn't take a picture because I didn't want to be labeled "Guy who takes pictures of his food" in front of people I had only been working with for a week.

Overall, I'd give the sandwich a two out of five, but I could see myself stopping into Lyons for a happy hour. 

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