Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hob Knob Job Search: My brand in GIF form

I've been to a bunch of a seminars given by well-meaning people who implore me to "find my brand." I remember attending one at Saint John's and leaving kind of disgusted. His presentation made me feel like I needed to present myself as an item.

To me a brand is a message that presents a consistent message to a customer. And that's fine for a business, but what about for us living beings?  It's impossible for me to present a consistent message everywhere, all the time.

Some days I am goofy. That was a big part of my "brand" as a camp counselor at Tomahawk. I chugged half gallons of milk, organized coffee making competitions, and screamed camp songs at the top of my lungs. That part of me means a lot to me.

Some days I am conservative, in a traditional, not political way. I believe in dressing for the occasion, and being courteous.

Some days my compassion overtakes everything else. I don't get worked up about a lot, but there are a few things that grind my gears. Like the Michael Sam story. I went on a few passionate rants about the idiocy of some NFL GM's.

Some days I am creative and try to think of the big picture. I love pitching big ideas and brainstorming ideas. (I had fun helping Mal with a message for an advertising campaign she was working on.)

Some days I am a doer. Many times I got sick of sitting on my hands and waiting for something to do when I was working for the park service. That's when I would go grab a garbage bag, some gloves, and headed out to pick up trash. There's ALWAYS trash to pick up.

So if I could describe my brand in a GIF, it would be this one...

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