Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hob Knob Job Search: Finding the Joy In Your Work

When I was a freshman in college I was on the ski team. I was the worst skiier on the team. I wasn't in terrible shape, but I wasn't anywhere close to peak racing form. I didn't care about my race times, my heart rate, or being precise with my equipment. I just wanted to ski. I liked my teammates and I liked that it gave me something to do outside of class.

I remember talking with my ski coach about me not wanting to compete. I just didn't (and I still don't) have a fire in the belly for competitiveness. He told me that it was alright. He didn't mind that I was just there for the exercise and camaraderie. He told me to find the "joy" in skiing. When you find joy, you find happiness, and greater productivity.

I like that way of thinking. It's how I want to view my future job. Cynicism turns me off. (And to be honest, I've come into contact with several cynical journalists.)
Right now I'm listening to Sam Cooke's One Night Stand live album. I love it. He just sounds like he's having so much fun and you can feel that energy on the album. Another performer I've seen do that is Craig Finn of The Hold Steady. He repeatedly thanks the crowd and smiles during his time on stage.

I'm hoping that's how I handle my job. With joy.

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