Thursday, November 3, 2016

296. National Sandwich Day

I still get embarrassed telling my own stories. I enjoy eating sandwiches. I enjoy writing about them. I know that it’s sort of weird to tell people you write about sandwiches in your free time. I know that it’s not writing Pulitzer-worthy stuff, but I like it. I’ve learned that sometimes that doesn’t really matter. Sometimes you just have to do what you love and not think about what everyone else thinks.

Tonight, I went to a networking event put on by my alma mater. I went to the event a few times as a student. It’s cool to go as a “grown up” who has a real job and can impart your wisdom and knowledge on other people. I spoke with the professor who organizes the event and the program. A few students hovered around us. And as is custom at these sorts of events, I shook hands with everyone and introduced myself. I like doing that. It’s fun to get to know other people who were once in your same sort of situation.

Usually at these sorts of events I like to talk up my journalism background or that I work for a bar association. Except at this time, Matt brought up my turkey sandwich blogging as an icebreaker. I usually have to laugh it off. I tell people that it’s not a serious thing. It’s something I picked up when I was jobless and that I’ve sort of kept up with it ever since then. And then people ask my opinion about the turkey sandwiches. I have opinions about them.

The students listened. I’m guessing some were interested in this line of conversation more than others. I guess that’s cool. I get that you can only talk about what you want to do, or what classes you want to take for so long before you get sick of it. I indulged them with my excess of sandwich wisdom. Some people have businesses or are doing other cool stuff, I’m writing about sandwiches. I guess that’s cool too.

So, I’m going to twist the cliche. Don’t do what makes you happy, find what makes you happy. There are plenty of things out there that advertise that they make you happy, but they really just play to your base emotions. For example, Netflix. Who is really happy watching Netflix? I’m not really happy unless I’m watching a specific a few specific episodes of a few shows that I love Most every other time I’m just anxious, brain dead, or wanting to escape. I’m not really happy.

Eating sandwiches, for some reason, makes me happy. I still haven’t quite nailed it down yet. But it has something to do with taste, convenience, and variety. All of those things are great. I enjoy writing about those experiences.

My National Sandwich Day was fantastic. I had a great sandwich from D’amico and Sons. The Turkey Club was hefty, flavorful, and it stuck together well. It was a nice treat on that day. Find what you love, not just what fulfills your base needs. It makes things a lot easier.

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