Thursday, August 18, 2016

227. Breweries

Since I’m falling behind on content lately, I’m going to co-opt a review I wrote on Yelp for Harriet Brewing company. I went there on Wednesday night with a friend. It was literally the worst brewery I’ve been to in the Twin Cities. And that’s quite an accomplishment.
I knew there had to be an awful brewery in the Twin Cities. This is it.

I went with a buddy on a Wednesday night. We just wanted to catch up and chat, but it was so awful, we left after one drink. Here is why our experience was terrible:

1. No signage. There was road construction on Minehaha Ave., but the brewery provided no signage where to park. I didn't realize there was a parking lot until I actually got there. (Parked a few blocks away on the street.)

2. LOUD. I don't mind live music, but the live music they had their was way too loud. It's a really small space, so you can't really escape it. I get I sound like an old man here, but I was not looking to go to a rock concert, I just wanted a beer. They need a better set up to divide between people who want to hear music and people who just want to talk.

3. Hot. It felt like a sauna in there even with their doors open. Would it kill you to have a fan by the register?

4. Tetanus. They had a few setups for Hammerschlagen (sp), which is fine, but don't leave a bunch of rusty nails on the ground around it. I'm not looking to get tetanus when I go out for a drink.

Sorry Harriet Brewing, you need to step up your game before I go back.

So what makes a good brewery? I don’t think it’s that hard to do. All you really need is some halfway decent beer, a good place for socializing, and an environment that’s not lame. Harriet Brewing had none of those things. I feel like it’s kind of hard to screw up a good taproom, but Harriet Brewing managed to do it. It was the first place I’ve ever been to where I immediately wanted to leave. I mean, seriously, who leaves rusty nails out around their patio? It’s insane.

On the flip side of this, what are the best breweries in the Twin Cities? I’m being serious when I’m saying that Harriet Brewing has literally been my least favorite. I’ve always enjoyed Surly when I’ve been there. Even though it’s usually busy, I can get my beer quick and find a nice place to enjoy it without feeling too crowded. I like beers from Fulton the best, but I don’t really enjoy their taproom. I’ve really liked Bauhaus. It’s a good space with lots of parking. I’ve only been to Indeed once, but I’d like to go again. I did really enjoy Sociable Cider Works. I’d like to go back there. (I didn’t think I’d be such a cider guy, but it’s a good change up from the usual beers.)

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