Monday, April 28, 2014

Turkey Club Club: J. Pace and Sons

I needed a sandwich for my work dinner and I thought I would try out J. Pace and Sons. My hopes were not all that high. My first experience with the store was a few weeks ago when I stopped in for a coffee and hot cocoa with a few friends. The transaction should have taken less than five minutes (two coffees and two hot cocoas). It ended up taking about twenty. The cocoa was just Swiss Miss packets, the coffee was old, the milk was expired. And the poor girl behind the counter looked like a deer in headlights.

Needless to say, my hopes for my sandwich were not high. However, their sandwich names were interesting (one was the YOLO.)

I ordered the Maverick. It had turkey, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, and ranch dressing. It set me back $7.43.

The bread was hearty-sized sesame seed bun. It was fresh and complimented the sandwich well.

The turkey and cheese were okay. The meat tasted like it had been sitting around all day and I don't know what brand it was. The cheese complimented the sandwich well. (Pepper jack cheese is my favorite.)

I was sorely disappointed with the lack of vegetables. I'm a big veggie guy. Maybe I should have gotten a customized sandwich. The lettuce was not memorable. It could have used tomatoes and onions.

I did not like the ranch dressing for the sauce. It kind of leaked out of my sandwich by the time I was able to eat it a few hours later. (I'm not a big ranch guy in general, so I don't know why I ordered a sandwich with some on it.)

Overall, I'd give the sandwich a three out of five. It would be fine if I am in an emergency situation, but not much else. 

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