Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nemo Pics

Nemo wrecked some havoc here in Boston. Here's some of the damage from the Chestnut Hill/Brighton/Brookline area.

Sutherland Rd. in Brighton on Saturday night. It was pretty eerie.  

Walking down Beacon Street Friday night around 10:30. It was getting pretty crazy at that point. Wind was about 50mph.

Saturday morning in Cleveland Circle. 

A skier going down Beacon Street near the Chestnut Hill Reservoir at about 10pm on Friday night.

Cleveland Circle Saturday morning. It was being used as a gathering place for plows. Hardly any people out.

My house Saturday morning. 

Walking down Beacon on Saturday morning. No cars out at this point. 

The back of my house. Lots of shoveling. 

Walking around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir at about 3pm on Saturday afternoon. It was quite lovely out. Lots of people were out walking, skiing, snowshoing, sledding, taking pictures. A lot of fun.

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