Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Barack Obama: The Most Hilarious Photos of His Presidency

In case you didn't hear, President Barack Obama earned Time's Person of the Year once again. I'll be upfront and say that I love this president. I did some volunteering for his campaign in 2008. I voted for him, twice. I think he's done a lot with not much. With that being said, I don't want to discuss politics on this blog.

However, I think Barack Obama and his cabinet have had some hilarious photos during these past four years. Maybe it's just good PR, but I could care less. I don't remember as many hilarious photos during the Bush administration. (Maybe his handlers thought that funny photos wouldn't look good?) Here are some of my favorites

Obama Spiderman 
Pete Souza  
ht president barack obama playing spiderman thg 121219 wblog Obama Photo With Spider Man Shows Playful President
No one is safe from Spidey's web. Not even the Prez.

Obama is not impressed
Pete Souza

You could call Obama "the meme" president. I'm sure a lot of other senior politicians have no idea what a meme is.

Obama Guinness
Getty Images

There's nothing wrong with quaffing an adult beverage when your of age and had a heck of a difficult term of office.

Coach Joe

I think I would have enjoyed playing football a lot more if Joe Biden was my coach. Scratch that, if Joe Biden coached an intramural flag football squad, then I would love it.

Stealing a Kiss:

This kid's got it.

Joe Goes to Costco
via Gawker
Seven Scenes from Joe Biden's Big Adventure 'Looking for Pies' at Costco

"Jill, they've got pies up the sky here. To the sky!"

Seven Scenes from Joe Biden's Big Adventure 'Looking for Pies' at Costco

Said Pies.

Barack Gets a Hug:
Pablo Martinez Monsivais
ap barack obama scott van duzer jt 120909 main Pizza Man Bear Hugs Obama, Starts Yelp Troll War

Hugs are great.  Pizza store owner Scott Van Nuzer just had to give the prez one.


Probably my favorite Obama meme

Any ones I missed?

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