Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Scott Walker, Please Be Quiet About Scab Refs

Is this the first time the American Public is actively cheering for a union? Maybe not cheering for, but desperately clamoring for something to happen. It's the most unified the American Public has been on a labor issue since probably the McKinley administration.

Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have chimed in, saying the NFL needs to settle this dispute. If this doesn't get settled soon, it's going to go in to Saturday Night Live territory.

Even the poster boy for union-busting, Scott Walker got in on the action. After the controversial end to the Packers-Seahawks game (understatement of the year) the Wisconsin governor told Sports Illustrated, "“I don’t think this has anything to do with unions, but has everything to do with refs making bad calls."

Oh please. This is all about labor vs. management. Slate's Dave Weigel broke down an audio clip of Walker saying he would focus his efforts on public sector unions because those cost the public money. 

Scott, you ARE the governor of a state with the only publicly-owned team in the NFL. You don't have a Jerry Jones or Bob Craft to defer to. Your team is publicly owned by the good, hardworking citizens of Green Bay.  Don't hide behind those job-creating football team owners. You don't have any.

And how much money is being discussed here? 

Not, really at least by NFL standards. According to ESPN's Chris Mortenson: "The officials work about 36 hours a week -- nearly full time -- and pension benefits have become an important issue to them. It would probably cost each team about $100,000 to settle the pension issue."

$100,000 per team? Really? Why haven't 32 different Kickstarter campaigns started yet? Haven't the players been fined this much already?

While we all may be sheep and continue to watch games, it's going to morph into some sort of reality TV train wreck instead of quality football.

Fans, let's continue to embarrass the league, egg on the frustrating player tweets, and make great parody videos.

Stop thinking you're a man of the people, Scott. Go hang out with your "job-creating" NFL owner friends.
Except, make sure you leave the cheese head state first. 

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