Monday, June 29, 2015

500 Letters: 250

I stayed up late last night trying to get to the halfway mark. I'd been playing catch-up for most of the month, so I thought I'd finish strong.
I didn't know who I should write the halfway mark letter to. Most of my regulars had gotten a letter in
the past week and I was too tired to try and find someone new.

So I wrote one to myself. 

I know that's slightly cheesy and maybe a cop out (don't need a stamp!), but I figure I need to hear good things every once in a while too. Here's what I wrote.

Dear Nick,
You probably should be in bed right now. It's past 11 and you've got another big week ahead. But I think you wanted to make it to 250. And that's awesome. You've really grabbed this project by the horns. It hasn't been easy. You've thought you've run out of friends, or stamps, or paper. But things tend to just work out. 
I know you like to check in on people and make sure that everything is OK. I think that is one of your best qualities, but remember two things. 
1. Check in on yourself too. It's OK to write to yourself, check in, and slow down every once in a while. You can't save the world if you don't save yourself. 
2. A letter doesn't always do it. A letter doesn't always change things. People forget to return them. People don't always need them. Some don't even want them. Your love and commitment isn't the thing that's going to save everyone.  
It's like that song by Atmosphere you love, "Flicker." ... "One little flicker of light can raise the dark." Sometimes that is all someone needs. Sometimes it lights a path, other times it's rendered moot by something brighter. That's OK.  
Everyone is called to shine their own light. I think you've found that yours is writing. That's a good thing, right? Consider yourself fortunate that you've found that out about yourself. Not everyone does. So when you're feeling shitty or joyful or something, write it down and share it. It's your light. Don't snuff it out yourself.  
It's going to be OK and things will work out.
Now. Here. This.

I'm glad I'll be able to measure this year in terms of letters. I've measured other years in terms of girls I've dated or jobs I've had. Glad 2015 is letters.

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Reading: "Yes, Please" by Amy Poehler
Listening: The Mystery Show podcast
Watching: Inside Out

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