Thursday, May 22, 2014

500 Words: The Perfect Day

I would wake up at about 8:00 am on the perfect day. This way I would feel less guilty about sitting in my pajamas for three hours before I got a move on the day. I would eat pancakes, drink coffee, and eat fresh berries with friends for a few hours. We’d reminisce about good times, not worry about the future and put away our phones. We’d be present and in the moment.

We’d go for a hike after breakfast, not an exhausting one, but one to burn off the excess energy so we could be lazy for the afternoon. I’d think something in northern Minnesota. Maybe Maine, maybe Wiscosin. There would be pine trees everywhere. We might see a few animals, but it’s not a requirement. I’d like the hike to end at a lake or a river or a vista. I’d take my shoes off and let my feet breathe for a while. We’d have cookies and cheese and crackers for lunch. More fruit. Probably dried fruit, dried mango. People would get tired, but I’d make sure everyone stayed together and had enough water.

Our caravan would head back to where we were staying and we’d have a lazy afternoon. Some people would nap. Others would read. I’d take a shower first. Put on my comfy Saint John’s baseball shirt and some gym shorts. I’d probably fall asleep after reading for a little bit. I’d want a bit of sunshine shining through my window. I’d fall asleep for an hour and a half or two. There’d be no pressure. We’d be on a lake, so maybe there’d be a quick jump in the water and we’d crack open a few beers. No dark beers, just summer stuff or IPA’s. Maybe whatever regional cheap beer is popular.

Eventually we’d start to get dinner ready. Ideally, there’d be someone who knew how to barbeque. We’d have brats, burgers, and chicken. Probably some veggie burgers too. We’d have chips and cookies and fruit. Nobody would feel guilty because you’re with your friends and calories don’t count when you are out with your friends. We’d eat so much. You would get that wonderful feeling where your belly is bursting, but it is okay because you don’t have to do anything or be anywhere. Everything would be delicious because you’d be outside and with your friends. Our feet would be dirty from walking around in flip flops and being barefoot the whole day. It would be a great feeling.

Afterwards, we’d sit by the fire and watch the sunset. We’d roast marshmallows and have s’mores. Somebody would definitely set their marshmallow on fire on purpose and I’d wonder why, I always thought that was a waste. The only sounds would be conversation and the fire crackling. If we were feeling adventurous, maybe a skinny dip into the lake. But I’d probably just be content to sit in an adirondack and sip another beer. We might pass around some good whiskey for a nightcap, but we’d all be content and we’d all just be there.

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